How did you get that band name?

Answer: We won’t tell you but some people seem to understand, even a swedish pop music journalist figured that out. Keep the faith!

How is the weather in Germany right now?

Answer: We don’t know, we live in Sweden.

Can you send me a copy of your first three demos Maladjusted Abortion EP, Countless Troubles and Tribulations and Rare Flowers?

Answer: No. They are out of stock only made in 50 each and once sold by the record store called Dolores in Gothenburg that doesn’t exist anymore. Try ebay.

Can you travel 1000 miles to my club, bring all your backline, sound and light equipment, sound-tech and play for free?

Answer: No

Fine to hear new songs from Dr. Arthur Krause but why are they so sad? I hope these songs are only a smal view of the next album with hopefully danceable songs.

Answer: We prefer doing songs in minor key. There are better acts doing happy dance music, we leave it to them. Besides Avicii search on google for the swedish phenomena in dance music ”dansband” or watch music video with Curt Haagers

Would you like to pay 500 euro for us to write about you in our magazine?

Answer: No