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16-17 June 2017
Event: Subkultfestivalen 2017
Place: Trollhättan, Sweden
Tickets: buy tickets here
Also live on Stage:
► Project Pitchfork Official
► She Past Away
► S.P.O.C.K
► Red Mecca
► Rave The Reqviem
► Pretty Addicted
► Human Lynx
► Lizette Lizette
► Machinista

  • Gigs from the past
  • 27 Sept 2014
    Event: Bat Night
    Place: Saturday, September 27at 9:00pm – 3:00am
    Medusa Bar, Kornhamnstorg 61, 11127 Stockholm, Sweden
    Entry: 100:- sek, Age: 18+
    Also live on Stage: My Own Sorrow

    26 April 2013
    Dr. Arthur Krause give a very special aftershow gig at Deep supporting Dawn of Oblivion right after Fields of the Nephilim show at Babel 26 April, Malmö, Sweden. FACEBOOK EVENT HERE

    26 Jan 2013
    Solo gig at Nalen, Stockholm 26th Jan 2013. Tickets are very limited at
    Musicians from Robot Must Kill and Xorb will join Dr. Arthur Krause on stage at this very special show one time only.
    Also live on stage:
    Midnight Caine
    Les Fleurs du Mal

    2 Dec 2011
    Other acts: The Mist of Avalon, Miosis, Midnight Caine
    Event: Gothenburg Gothic Gathering -2011
    Open: 20-02.00
    Place: Musikens Hus
    City: Gothenburg (S)
    On stage: ?
    Door: 120 SEK
    Tickets: release in Sept

    25 Mar 2011
    Other acts: The Damned, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Fuzzbox and more…
    Event: Whitby Gothic Weekend – WGW Festival
    Open: 20-02.00
    Place: The Spa
    City: Whitby (UK)
    On stage: 22.00
    Door: ?
    Tickets: WGW

    26 Mar 2011
    Exlucive unplugged solo pub gig
    Event: Whitby Gothic Weekend – WGW Festival
    City: Whitby (UK)
    On stage: 15.00
    Door: Free

    28 Dec 2010 – unplugged solo show
    Other acts: Varannan Vatten
    Event: Cose Den
    Open: 20-01.00
    Place: Landet
    City: Stockholm (S)
    On stage: 22.00
    Door: 20 SEK

    13 Nov 2010
    Other acts: Ashes & Rain, Monument, Les Fleurs Du Mal
    Event: Gothenburg Gothic Gathering -2010
    Open: 20-02.00
    Place: Musikens Hus
    City: Gothenburg (S)
    On stage: ?
    Door: 120 SEK
    Tickets: release in Sept

    14 May 2010
    Other acts:Black friday STHLM, LES FLEURS DU MAL
    Event: Black Celebration
    Open: 21-03.00
    Place: SUGAR BAR
    City: Stockholm (S)
    On stage: 23.00
    Door: 100 SEK

    31 Oct 2009
    More acts: Malaise, Krakow Kasanovas, The Upper Classes, O-kult.
    Event: Gothenburg Gothic Gathering -09
    Open: 20-02.00
    Place: Musikens Hus
    City: Gothenburg (S)
    On stage: 22.00
    Door: 120 SEK
    Tickets: released now

    29 Nov 2008
    More acts: Ladomir, Cheshire Cat, Coph Nia, DJ’s JH & MINA, DJ FREEBORN
    Event: Gothenburg Gothic Gathering -08
    Open: 20-02.30
    Place: Musikens Hus
    City: Gothenburg (S)
    On stage: 23.30
    Door: 90 SEK
    Tickets: release 1 Sept

    26 July 2008
    7H2008 outdoor festival
    Event: Sjuhäradsfestivalen
    Open: 24-26/7
    Place: Sturebadet
    City: Ulricehamn (S)
    On stage: 00.30
    Entry: 195-395 SEK

    24 April 2008
    Secret show
    Event: Proud
    Open: 19-21
    Place:Majkens Fritidsgård
    City: Gothenburg (S)
    Door: Free entry

    23 Nov 2007

    Release party
    Support acts: New Modern Angels, The Wedding, XORB, DJ’s JH & MINA
    Event: Gothenburg Gothic Gathering
    Open: 20-02
    Place: Musikens Hus
    City: Gothenburg (S)
    On stage: ?
    Door: 60 SEK

    24 Feb 2007
    LIVE IN OSLO ”I can wait until twelve”
    Other acts: The Murder Mystery (NO), Resident DJs
    Event: Gotham Nights 12th anniversary
    Open: 21.00
    Place: John Dee
    City: Oslo (NO)
    On stage: 23.00
    Door: 120 NOK

    Video shot

    15 Dec 2006
    Unofficial. Dr. Arthur Krause and Fredrik ”Hell” Thell performing with some other strange people a well known X-mas song called ”Body Electric”
    Event: Tomterock
    Open: 19.15-23.30
    Place: Musikens Hus
    City: Gothenburg (S)
    On stage: 23.00
    Door: 50 SEK

    5 May 2006
    Unplugged for the first time.
    Event: 99festival Malmö
    Open: 21.00-03.00
    Place: Panora
    City: Malmö (S)
    On stage: ?
    Door: The tickets are very limited so if you want to buy
    please use the messageboard or mail at the contact page and we
    send you more information how to buy… mark the message

    26 March 2006
    New songs first time live from the forthcoming album.
    Headline acts: Dr. Arthur Krause & Cheshire Cat, special guests: The Wedding
    Event: Club Centurion
    Open: 19.00-23.00
    Place: Rio Rio, Rosenlundskanalen
    City: Gothenburg (S)
    On stage: 22.00 (The Wedding starts at 20.00)
    Door: 60 SEK

    24 September 2005
    99FESTIVAL MK2 IN NORRKÖPING, Kulturnatten
    First time live in Norrköping

    City: Norrköping (S)
    Event: Kulturnatten nemcom
    Place: Kulturkammaren
    Open: ca 16.45-01.00
    On stage: around 22.30
    Door: 60 SEK

    – G.A.S. Stage –
    17:30 Kontraband
    18:30 Polish Inn
    19.30 Cheshire Cat
    20.30 Psyjuntan
    21.30 New Modern Angels
    22.30 Dr. Arthur Krause
    23.30 Thermostatic
    00.30 GOTO80

    – Dill Lounge –
    17.00 Xorb
    18.00 jgb
    19.00 Daniel Araya
    20.00 Arete
    21.00 Madah
    22.00 Daniel Mass & co-ed
    23.00 el
    00.00 Amaurot

    Photos by Linnéa Brun

    Photos by Rizzo

    4 June 2005
    First gig with some the new member Fredrik ”Hell Thell” on guitar in the Dr Ak band

    14.00 Volantiz
    14.55 New Modern Angels
    15.35 Schirm
    16.25 Slem
    17.10 kontraband
    17.45 MaDah
    18.30 xorb
    19.10 Jens Lekman
    19.45 Pretorium
    20.30 enapa
    21.15 sis&pussy
    22.00 Cheshire Cat
    22.45 reSet
    23.30 Oklahoma Beach Sex Club
    00.15 Dr. Arthur Krause
    01.10 Jens Kallback

    City: Gothenburg (S)
    Event: 99Festival
    Open: 14.00-02.00
    On stage: around 00.15 night time
    Door: You have to buy tickets before the festival. Contact 99Festival for more info.

    25 March 2005
    You will be able to buy our albums this night and The Lady is back with us on stage again.

    Supported by Nikator
    Place: Folketspark, Södra Vägen
    City: Kalmar (S)
    Club: Club Void
    Open: 21.00-02.00
    On stage: around 23.00
    Door: dresscode and membership needed, entry 60 SEK
    For a membership please contact Club Void at

    26 April 2004
    The lady will perform a solo show.
    Place: The Geese, Southover street
    City: Brighton (UK)
    On stage: 21.30
    Door: FREE

    6th February 2004
    You will be able to buy the debut album this night.

    Place:Deep, Amiralsgatan 20
    City: Malmö, (S)
    Club: FAT CLUB
    Open: 23.00-03.00
    On stage: around 00.30
    Door: 60 SEK

    26th April 2003
    Pleased to be back!
    We support Inkubus Sukkubus
    Place: Cronan, Norra Hamngatan 10
    City: Gothenburg, (S)
    Club: Pandemonium
    Open: 21.00-03.00
    On stage: around 22.00
    Door: 150 SEK

    13th Dec 2002
    The Doc and The lady will appear on stage together
    with memebers from GBG PUNX, SVENSON and more,
    performance a X-mas song
    Place: Musikens Hus
    City: Gothenburg, (S)
    Event: Tomterock
    Time: 19.00-24.00
    Door: 50 SEK

    16th March 2002
    Place: Krunch (Rock ama´r), Øresundsvej 14
    City: Copenhagen, (DK)
    Club: The Black Cat
    Time: 22.00-05.00
    Door: 50 DKR

    The evening will be dressed in SMOKE, STROBES,
    distant desperate cries from the wilderness and atmospheric
    gothic rock with a voice from beyond the Holocaust when
    we present Dr. Arthur Krause from Gothenborg in Sweden.
    These people are very inspired by the (one and only)
    Sisters of Mercy, the (late, great) Joy Division and
    (our favourite spaghetti western heroes in) Fieldsof the
    Nephilim. Dr. Arhtur Krause is clearly to be seperated from
    any wanna-be´s and copy-acts as their music is both paying
    respects to the ”elders” and innovating their own personal
    style of slow atmospheric gothic-rock with electronic
    components in it as well / Frode – The Black Cat

    3th November 2001
    City: Mariestad

    29th September 2001
    Place: Cronan, Norra Hamngatan 10
    City: Gothenburg
    Club: Pandemonium
    Open: 21.00-03.00
    On stage: around 00.00
    Special guest: Run Level Zero